The Hired Girl

by Laura Amy Schlitz
The Hired Girl
Title: The Hired Girl
Publisher: Candlewick Press,
Formats: Kindle (.mobi), ePub (.epub), PDF (.pdf)
Pages: 400
Downloads: The Hired Girl.pdf (3.1 MB), The Hired (9.5 MB), The Hired Girl.epub (4.7 MB)

Today Miss Chandler gave me this beautiful book. I vow that I will never forget her kindness to me, and I will use this book as she told me to — that I will write in it with truth and refinement…But who could be refined living at Steeple Farm?

Fourteen-year-old Joan Skraggs, just like the heroines in her beloved novels, yearns for real life and true love. But what hope is there for adventure, beauty, or art on a hardscrabble farm in Pennsylvania where the work never ends? Over the summer of 1911, Joan pours her heart out into her diary as she seeks a new, better life for herself — because maybe, just maybe, a hired girl cleaning and cooking for six dollars a week can become what a farm girl could only dream of — a woman with a future.

Inspired by her grandmother’s journal, Newbery Medalist Laura Amy Schlitz brings her sharp wit and keen eye to early twentieth-century America in a comedic tour de force destined to become a modern classic. Joan’s journey from the muck of the chicken coop to the comforts of a society household in Baltimore (Electricity! Carpet sweepers! Sending out the laundry!) takes its reader on an exploration of feminism and housework, religion and literature, love and loyalty, cats, hats, bunions, and burns.

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