Daredevil Legends, Vol. 1: Yellow

by Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale, Richard Starkings
Daredevil Legends, Vol. 1: Yellow
Title: Daredevil Legends, Vol. 1: Yellow
Publisher: Marvel,
Formats: Kindle (.mobi), ePub (.epub), PDF (.pdf)
Pages: 168
Downloads: Daredevil Legends, Vol. 1: Yellow.pdf (1.3 MB), Daredevil Legends, Vol. 1: Yellow.mobi (4 MB), Daredevil Legends, Vol. 1: Yellow.epub (2 MB)

"The measure of a man is not in how he gets knocked to the mat, it is in how he gets up." Those are the words blind attorney Matthew Murdock's father lived and died by. Prizefighter Battlin' Jack Murdock's murder set in motion a chain of events that exploded with a new super-hero swinging out of New York City's Hell's Kitchen — the blind Acrobat Daredevil! Retelling of the early career of the Man Without Fear! The Eisner Award-winning team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale (Spider-Man: Blue, Batman: The Long Halloween) have taken an inspiring action-adventure story and blended it with a romantic comedy. The result, highlighted by Sale's dazzling ink washes, is the heartwarming and heartbreaking story of two young people in love — Matthew Murdock and Karen Page. Collects Daredevil: Yellow #1-6.

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