by K.I. Lynn, N. Isabelle Blanco
Title: Take
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The second half of Need…

Love is only a battlefield when you have a fighting chance.

In the aftermath of bad decisions followed by poor thinking, Brayden is still without Kira.

Years of hurt have hardened Kira, and she’s not just going to roll over for Brayden on command. Strong willed and stubborn, neither of them is willing to give in without a fight.

There’s a million reasons why she shouldn’t care for him anymore… but she does.

Brayden senses this, and he’s laid siege on her life, haunting her in every possible sense — reminding her of what they once shared.

But he’s still the man that wrecked her.

The man she loves.

The man she utterly despises.

He’s still her step brother.

Right and wrong have no sway with the heart. What it wants, it takes.

With every day that passes, Kira is reminded of all the reasons she has to hate him… and all the reasons she still has to adore him.

Can Kira let go and give him a chance, or is it really too little, too late?

Even if she can forgive him, is it possible for them to have a future together while still being step-siblings?


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